Have your children ever gone to bed hungry?

Well, there are many children in the Iron County Michigan Schools that do.  During the week a meal is provided for them by the school, however, what about weekends?

Locker Lunch provides food for school age children during the weekend.  Many children have their last full meal provided by the school at Friday Noon and little or nothing until Monday morning breakfast at the school. Locker Lunch strives to address this problem and provide lunch bags for these children, because no child should go to bed hungry. 

We started Locker Lunch in October of 2011 serving 33 children at the West Iron Elementary school in Iron River, Michigan.  lockerlunchirwykonsOur goal has always been to serve both school districts in Iron County. In 2013 that became possible and we served 62 children that year.LockerLunchFPtrojans

The numbers have gone each year and fast forwarding 2019-20 we served 140 children weekly.

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We survive solely on donations and grants.  It costs between $6.50-$7.50 per child, per week. Each week we provide 2 breakfasts, several lunch and snack items, and warm microwaveable stomach filling meals and fresh fruit. 100% of all donations goes toward buying food for the kids.  All time is volunteer, we have no salaries or overhead.  Office materials, warehousing, bags, distribution, accounting are all donated by Dina Mia Kitchens.  Your donation goes from you to the children.  We are a 501(c)(3) charity.

Any and all monetary donations are welcome; however for approximately $250.00 you can feed one child for one year.

Food donations can be dropped off or shipped to Dina Mia Kitchens in Iron River, MI

Some of the items we need are:  instant oatmeal, cereals, granola bars, macaroni & cheese cups, Chef Boyardee cups, 7 oz soups, beanie weenies, tuna salad, cheese and crackers, Jif-to-Go, applesauce, fruit cups, pudding, energy bars, raisins and nuts, beef sticks, fruit juices, shelf stable milk, etc.  All items must be shelf stable and individually wrapped please.

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